Bay of Fundy Biosphere Reserve

Stretching from the Tantramar Marshes at the New Brunswick / Nova Scotia border to the village of Saint Martins, the Bay of Fundy UNESCO Biosphere Reserve encompasses dramatic coastline, vast mudflats, extensive marshes, Acadian Forests and much more.


What is a Biosphere Reserve?

Biosphere reserves are areas of terrestrial and coastal ecosystems promoting solutions to reconcile the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use. They are internationally recognized, nominated by national governments and remain under sovereign jurisdiction of the states where they are located. Biosphere reserves serve in some ways as ‘living laboratories’ for testing out and demonstrating integrated management of land, water and biodiversity. Collectively, biosphere reserves form a World Network. Within this network, exchanges of information, experience and personnel are facilitated. There are over 480 biosphere reserves in over 100 countries .

Where is the Bay of Fundy Biosphere Reserve?



How can visitors best experience the Bay of Fundy Biosphere Reserve?

Here are a number of suggestions:

  • Experience the tides and the Fundy coastline by going on a kayak tour with FreshAir Adventure. Families welcome.
  • Spend a day bird watching in the area.
  • Visit a number of historical covered bridges.
  • Go back in time and spend a morning at the Albert County Museum.
  • Explore the many hiking trails in Fundy National Park.
  • Visit Mary’s Point Shorebird Reserve when the sandpipers are in migration (tens of thousands of birds).
  • Visit the Hopewell Rocks to see sculptors created by the world highest tides.
  • Drive, hike, bike the spectacular Fundy Trail Parkway – accessible now though Saint Martins but soon will stretch from Saint Martins to Fundy National Park.
  • Visit several of the many artisans in the area.
  • Go on a guided interpretative tour with an interpreter from Fundy National Park.
  • Explore Alma beach at low tide – one of the best places to experience the tidal range on the Bay.