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A great way to see the Bay of Fundy coast

September 1, 2014

My teenaged son and I booked a half-day tour with Freshair to experience seakayaking for the first time. After being fitted with rainjackets and PFD’s, guides Eric and Julian provided instruction on paddling in double kayaks and safety training. Single kayaks are also available.

The guides are well trained and strive to ensure an enjoyable experience. Amanda and Jerry assisted our two guides with getting fitted and transportation to the low tide launch site, a short-drive. Water is provided for each paddler and nutritious snacks were provided at a remote beach where both Eric and Julian offered interesting explanations of the tides in the Bay of Fundy, local history and folklore. Sunblock, water shoes, and quick-drying shirt recommended.

With Freshair you just need to show up and they provide the high-end equipment and instruction to make the adventure safe and fun.

“Excellent experience!”

June 2014

My wife and I booked a trip by calling ahead. We visiting during the “shoulder” season, so it turns out we were the only ones and ended up with a private tour. I suspect calling ahead during the summer season would be wise though. I am an experienced ‘yak tourer, my wife a little less so but a strong paddler. The owner met us and introduced us to our guide for the afternoon. He was a great guide and knowledgeable about the local tides and currents, which due to the tide changes are quite (fun) awesome and powerful. I would not recommend paddling here alone or without a local your first few times as things can change quickly, even if you are very experienced. Our guide made the adventure safe and fun, and recognized that we were familiar with kayaking and adapted to us. He showed my wife some new skills while I got to play in some interesting currents. We did see lots of flora and fauna including a bald eagle, and the tides and shoreline takes on a new meaning when viewed from the bay. The guide also gave us a little local history and the provided lunch was a nice touch.

“Fabulous Fundy Paddle!”

5 of 5 starsJuly 29, 2014

We went on the half day tour led by Gina and what a great family paddle! Gina was very skilled shared her experience and knowledge of kayaking and the Bay of Fundy in a fun and informative fashion. What a great way to explore the Bay of Fundy! For anyone who enjoys kayaking, this is well worth holiday dollars to do so!

“Fantastic guide, Amanda”

July 19, 2014

Had a great time enjoying the Fundy coastline from an angle you just can never get from the hiking trails in the park. Outfitting was quick and easy. Only expecting to see the coastline, I was very lucky to see a porpoise off my paddle, a seal and a bald eagle on our trip. Amanda, our Fantastic guide was able to teach us all about the tides and how to handle a kayak with her energetic style.

“Loved this!”

 September 2, 2013

My teenager and I enjoyed the half day adventure in August and it was a massive highlight of our trip. The double kayak was comfy and stable. The instructions were clear and made us very comfortable before tilting the water.  Amanda had a tonne of interesting info to give us – we learned so much about the tides from her talk during our break – she is fantastic! The half way snack was delicious (sticky buns are yummy) and the distance was very manageable. I highly recommend this company – it was a bucket list item for me!

“Terrific experience!”

August 13, 2013

My spouse and I participated in a half-day kayaking trip on July 30, 2013. Our group was small, only seven of us in all, with two guides, so we had a peak experience.

We hadn’t kayaked in over 10 years so were concerned about being the “slow-pokes” but this was an all-inclusive, all-levels, family-friendly experience, so we felt very comfortable. Kayaking Bay of Fundy on outgoing tide was truly an exceptional morning full of fun, with knowledgeable, enthusiastic young guides. They even provided a healthy snack and fascinating historical trivia when we stopped for a rest. They were terrific with the children in the group, as well as us “older” folks! We heartily recommend this outfit and this location.

“Kayaking the World’s Highest Tides!”

 July 17, 2013

This was an exceptional tour, well worth every penny! I would highly recommend the full day tour ($110) as you get to see the complete tide cycle. The guides are excellent, the scenery spectacular, and there is plenty of food (see photos), including the famous sticky buns from Kelly’s bake shop.

At one point, we were close enough to the porpoises that we could hear the swoosh of air from their breathing holes. When we got back to Alma, I immediately went to Collin’s Lobster Fisherman’s Market and bought paper bags of sun-dried dulse. Kayaking the Bay of Fundy was definitely the highlight of my trip to New Brunswick.

“Best way to see Fundy coast!”

July 7, 2013

My husband and I were camping at the Fundy National Park and did the half-day kayak tour one afternoon with FreshAir Adventure. We had a great time!

The location was very easy to find, right near the entrance to the park. All of the guides were extremely friendly and helpful. We’ve done several other kayak tours before and this definitely stands out as the best. They took care of everything carrying the kayaks directly into the water for you and they brought lots of food for our break during the tour. The sticky buns are the best! Definitely a great value for the cost!