Kayak the Bay of Fundy

Come explore our dramatic coastline!

Paddle beneath cliffs that plunge from the green forests of Fundy National Park into the Bay. Drift into the storm-carved sea caves, and take a rest on one of Fundy’s hidden beaches. The Bay of Fundy is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that showcases amazing rock formations, scoured by the tides.  Whether you want a family-friendly package, or a wilder exploration of the Bay, your next adventure starts here.

Your Next Adventure

Search for Matthew's Head: 3-hour tour

Kayak Fundy’s most popular tour, this tour package offers dry-land training, outfitting, and three glorious hours on the water.
3-Hour Paddle

Log-Driver's Run: Six-hour Kayak Tour

This tour is designed for longer exploratory paddles in smaller groups.
6-Hour Paddle

Molly Kool Paddle and Riverwalk

A great trip for nature lovers and new kayakers who want to enjoy an adventure with no muss, fuss or stress.
2-Hour Paddle

Have a Need for Speed?

The Bay of Fundy

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