The upper Bay of Fundy is a special and unique ecosystem. With its salt-water marshes, extensive mud flats and huge tidal ranges, the upper Bay plays a vital role in the health of the entire Bay of Fundy. By good example and providing  interpretation of why this area is so important, we explain why we believe the Bay of Fundy is a vital ecosystem that should be protected and respected.

Our Beliefs

  • The environment is for the enjoyment of all;
  • Individuals have a role and a responsibility in protecting the environment;
  • The wilderness and its ecosystems should be left in as pristine condition as possible;
  • Everyone shares the right to enjoy wilderness settings without seeing evidence of those who have come before;
  • Environmental awareness can be taught through example and instruction; and
  • It is important to buy locally and support other sustainable practices.


Our Practices

  • No disposable items such as Styrofoam cups are used on any of our adventures;
  • Whatever is taken on tour is returned with us to home base;
  • Organic material from tours is returned to our home base for composting;
  • Reusable cloth bags are used on tour for carrying food, etc;
  • Clients on multi-day trips are instructed on safe and appropriate personal hygiene while on the trip;
  • Low impact camping techniques are practiced on all multi-day trips;
  • Numbers on multi-day tours are limited for tour enjoyment and minimal impact on the environment;
  • We use local and regional products; and
  • Our interpretation often includes information on the ecology of the Bay.