Our team

Vince Di Lena is one of our super-duper lead guides and a graduate of the Adventure Tourism program at the CEGEP of Gaspé, Quebec. Paddling since his early teens, Vince also enjoys climbing, camping, and fishing whenever he gets the chance. His love of the water is only matched by his passion for anything related to science, and while he is usually an introvert it can be difficult to get him to stop talking if it’s about biology, astronomy or physics. Vince is unmatched in spotting wildlife on the Bay, and if there is a porpoise to be seen, a seal to be spotted, or an eagle or peregrine falcon anywhere nearby – he will see it first and share the sights with you.

Rachel McAdams hails from Fredericton, and is enjoying her third season with Kayak Fundy | FreshAir Adventure. A 2017 graduate of New Brunswick Community College’s Environmental Technology programme, Rachel has abandoned her inspection of benthic macro-invertebrates and counting whales and shorebirds to guide guests along the Bay of Fundy and classify species for the rest of us (whew!). She is unnaturally sweet and friendly, but we are doing our best to make her bossy. Be warned: your children will love her.

Jo Wenlock returns to Kayak Fundy | FreshAir Adventure in 2020. Jo is a graduate of Thompson Rivers University (TRU) in the Adventure Guide program and cut her teeth on sea kayaking in and around the Gulf Islands on the coast of British Columbia. Jo take fabulous pride in her identity as a First Nations person, and feel strongly about preserving our wilderness environment for future generations, and sharing the history and importance of these natural areas. Jo has also led paddle trips in the Philippines and – in the past year – has been a wilderness leader and teacher in Hong Kong. She is small but mighty (we have witnessed her dismantling a century-old fallen maple following Hurricane Dorian) and she has very, very cool hair.

Amanda Harrington grew up in Saint John, New Brunswick, a stones throw away from the Bay of Fundy. Amanda has a degree in Recreation Sports from the University of New Brunswick and is also a graduate of the Saint Andrew’s Adventure Leadership program. 
Besides being an avid white water and sea kayaker, Amanda finds time for wild hiking expeditions, long wilderness-seeking road trips, and rock climbing. Amanda has spent two winters leading expeditions on and off the water in Australia and New Zealand. She has an infectious laugh and tells terrible jokes – really terrible jokes. As a result, we only let her lead tours when our pun tolerance is high.

Gina Miller: Owner and operator of Kayak Fundy | FreshAir Adventure, Gina grew up in Atlantic Canada, then headed off to taste-test universities, collecting degrees she rarely uses, before moving to Hong Kong, China, in 2000. For two decades, Gina lived in Hong Kong, (where she worked as a business journalist, a sport-events coordinator, and a paddle coach). In 2011 she joined Kayak Fundy | FreshAir Adventure and returned to the Bay of Fundy each summer. In 2018 she returned to Canada full time and reacquainted herself with Canadian winter (brrrrr – that water is cold!). After many years of racing in Asia, Gina still loves to paddle fast on waves. She operates the surfski and wave-riding tours and training with Kayak Fundy | FreshAir Adventure. If you are interested in a new boat and a new adventure, she is the woman to call. 

Paul Davis: Co-operator of Kayak Fundy | FreshAir Adventure, Paul is originally from the UK. Amazingly prescient, Paul foresaw Brexit as early as 1997, and to avoid the gloom, he moved to Hong Kong to earn first-hand experience of the dismantling of Britain’s global footprint. Paul took up Dragon Boat and Outrigger Canoe race paddling in Hong Kong and has brought his love for the technical side of paddling with him to Canada. Paul is married to Gina, and is a loving father to Niko and Sula, their two adoptive mutts. 

Niko & Sula flew in from Hong Kong in 2018 and are Kayak Fundy | FreshAir Adventure’s official “greeters.” Niko (the black fluffy one) loves attention; Sula is friendly but more cautious, especially around (fast-moving) children. Please be warned: she treats children like rowdy puppies, which can be scary! She is a bit of a mean grandma.