6-Hour Paddle
At our offices
At our offices

This tour is designed for those who wish a longer paddle in smaller groups. This summer (2020), we are limiting these full-day, 6-hour packages to family or social bubbles to minimize the risk of COVID-19. 

With five-to-six hours on the water, our guides can show you more of the amazing coastline of Fundy National Park and in and out of the river mouths where the great log-runs once ended at sawmills.

Ryan Tyr [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]
Point Wolfe in Fundy National Park once had a sawmill at its mouth
Featuring cliffs, ocean caves and the tree-crested island of Squaw’s Cap (see the “Native Stories” tab on this page), guests will kayak around sea stacks and explore beaches that will soon to be swallowed by the Fundy tides.

Our guides will provide a hot lunch cooked on a beach along the way. Please let us know if you have food allergies!

This tour typically covers 10-14 kilometres, which may be too much for novice paddlers, but could be perfect for people with some sea-kayaking experience.

Note: Full-day tours require a minimum of 4 guests in order to go ahead. We are happy to add single guests to an existing group.

WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, water shoes (or shoes you can get wet), hat and sunscreen.
Life jacket / PFD Paddling rain jacket
Water bottles Hot lunch and snacks
Wet Suits (no need)
  • Cost: $135.00 per person. Costs do not include HST.
  • Timeframe: our full-day, seven-hour package includes outfitting and dry-land training in addition to approximately six hours on the water.
  • Meeting times: Our full-day adventure meeting times change daily, depending on the tides. All tours start at our paddling headquarters in Alma.
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Ticket TypeAdult (17 years+), Seniors (65 years+)


All tours start at FreshAir Adventure’s home base in Alma. We recommend guests arrive 5-10 minutes before the tour’s “start time” to give yourselves a few minutes to use the washroom and put on sunblock. Because all of our tours are arranged to follow specific tide times, we will start each tour at the time listed on our schedules.


Once everyone is together, we will go through the FreshAir Adventure waiver with you (in English and/or French), and a brief outline of what to expect while on the water – what you can expect to see and where we will take you. Following this introduction, you can store personal items such as car keys, delicate wrist-watches or ID in our safe deposit box so that they don’t go for a swim in the Bay (modern car keys especially don’t appreciate salt water). Then we will accompany you to our boat house to get you outfitted in a PFD (personal flotation device, or “life jacket”) and a paddling jacket. We also have small waterproof dry bags for any electronics you would like to bring and larger bags in case you’d like to bring an extra fleece or sweater.

Boat Preparation

When you are dressed and ready for the tour, we will get you into the boats and fit the rudder-pedals to your appropriate leg length. Before we launch, our guides will go over a short kayak instruction lesson to give you the basics of paddling as well as an overview of what to do in the very unlikely event that you tip your boat over. Rescues and re-entry is much easier than you’d imagine, and our guides will make sure you feel confident about what to do, and how they will help you.

Go Paddling!

Introductions, outfitting and instruction complete, we will head off on the Bay of Fundy. Whether it is glassy and calm or a little windy, there is nothing more beautiful than the Bay, at both high tide and low. Be ready to exercise your body, and your smile.

Tour Reviews

February 15, 2019

Reviewed by Eric EJul 14, 2018
A Wonderful Full Day Tour

My friend and I are vacationing through New Brunswick and on to Nova Scotia this year, we found FreshAir online and called them while traveling into stay at Fundy National Park.

Loved the call and the full information, and we decided on a full day tour. Our guides where Rachel and Vince who were top notch!

We went all the way down to Wolfe Point and ate a wonderfully prepared (on site!) chicken fajita lunch while we watched the tide rise in the river right before our eyes (and our feet!)

Paddles back up to Alma and landed on the beach as the river was getting quite low.

I would HIGHLY recommend this company!

For those with young children, or who may not be up to about 5 to 6 hours of paddling, they offer much shorter trips as well.

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