2-Hour Paddle
At our offices
At our offices

If you love to kayak, like surfing (or just the idea of surfing) and would like to try something a little racier than our half or full-day kayaking tours – FreshAir Adventure is now offering 2-hour surfski training and/or wave-riding sessions (we recommend you do both if you’ve never used a surfski before)!

For those unfamiliar with surfskis: They look like long (20-foot), lean, glamorous kayaks. Surfski heritage comes from the Surf Lifesaving movement in Australia, and the roots of surfski racing is found in long distance ocean paddling. Ocean surfski racers thrive on big waves and top racers can push a boat’s speed up to 25+km/hour.

Surfski paddling can be practiced on any body of water and in any conditions: on oceans, rivers or lakes; in high winds, no wind, high surf/waves and no waves; on flat or flowing water and through rapids.

Finally, surfskiing is a sport that blends the three elements of adventure, fitness and competition into a fantastic mix. It is on the “extreme” end of paddle sports – though at FreshAir Adventure, our “extreme aim” is directly correlated to the fun and excitement of trying something new (and sliding down waves)!

If you’re a fairly confident ocean kayak paddler, a K1 paddler who would like to take a crack at ocean swell, or a brave adventurer with a penchant for trying new things (and don’t mind a soaking!), surfski paddling may be for you.

Worth noting: Surfski paddlers do get very wet, and all paddlers will be required to practice falling off and remounting their surfskis before they can attempt to paddle in the Bay. We recommend paddlers wear tights, leggings, or neoprene (if you have it) for additional warmth.


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Ticket TypeAdult (17 years+)


All tours start at FreshAir Adventure’s home base in Alma. We recommend you arrive 5-10 minutes before the tour’s “start time” to give yourselves a few minutes to use the washroom and put on sunblock. Because all of our tours are arranged to follow specific tide times, we will start each tour at the time listed on our schedules.


Once everyone is together, we will go through the FreshAir Adventure waiver with you (in English and/or French), and a brief outline of what to expect while on the water – what you can expect to see and where we will take you. Following this introduction, you can store personal items such as car keys, delicate wrist-watches or ID in our safe deposit box so that they don’t go for a swim in the Bay (modern car keys especially don’t appreciate salt water). Then we will accompany you to our boat house to get you outfitted in a PFD (personal flotation device, or “life jacket”) and a paddling jacket.

Boat Preparation

When you are dressed and ready to begin, we will adjust the footpegs for you and provide you with an overview of the boats and how to use them (Part 1 – Introductory Session). If you have signed up for the “wave riding session” (Part 2 – Wave Riding Session) , we will get you into the boats and do a brief review before we head out on the Bay.

Warning: All surfski paddlers must practice falling out of and then remounting their surfski before they can leave the protected waters of the estuary to head out onto the Bay of Fundy. If you own neoprene, it might a good idea to bring it along!


Go Paddling!

Once basic training and remounting is accomplished, and everyone is satisfied that they are comfortable with the boats, we will head off on the Bay of Fundy for paddling and exploring! Whether it is glassy and calm (great for technique learning!) or windy (great for surfing!), there is nothing more beautiful than the Bay, and there is absolutely nothing that will make you scream “Yahooooo!” with greater enthusiasm than catching your first wave on a ski.

As a two-time member of the US National Marathon Kayak Team, Joe Glickman’s passion for paddlesports was limitless.  Glickman was the author of numerous books, videos and articles about kayaking. His video introduction to surfski racing – seen here – captures the essence of surfski paddling in an insightful and unique way. 

2012 US Surf Ski Champs – Sitting on a Skinny Boat in the Bay, from Joe Glickman on Vimeo.

JOE GLICKMAN 1958 – 2015